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River City Painters is a residential painting contractor and color consulting company specializing in custom painting in both the interior and exterior of your home. We provide a one-stop shop for the visual improvement of your greatest investment - your home. Protect and enhance your home by putting your trust in us.

August 28th, 2009. This was the day I officially became the owner of River City Painters, LLC. I did not know it then nor did I anticipate the impact a paint company could have in the community I've lived in all my life as the eldest son of a father who owned a local paint company. In five years, 3102 estimates were turned in producing 1505 completed jobs. We have employed over 65 paintering contractors in that time span and offered our commercial painting services to numerous charitable organizations and fundraisers to share in the fruit harvested by the acceptance of our work throughout Richmond and surrounding neighborhoods. Now it seems the time of building a foundation for a business to grow can go from the strategic flow horizontally to a more vertical direction. The main divisions within the company are now run by competent individuals who possess the necessary tools to do just that. I will go back to my passion of business creation through the opportunity to expand onward and upward while the day to day duties are handled in a way that promotes the values the painting company was founded on. Treat all customers equally, with the option to establish a relationship that leads to a satisfied outcome for both parties. We are a service provider who wants to serve. We also value ourselves enough to not be taken advantage of by those who are not interested in us. Looking forward to the next five years to come. Thank you RVA for all of your support.

Joshua Marble

PO BOX 26147 Richmond, VA 23260